Professional Energy Management

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Efficient building operation and effective energy management is the goal of many building owners and operators. The cost to hire a qualified and motivated energy manager, however, has made this goal achievable for only the largest organizations – generally those managing in excess of 1 million square feet. This has left energy savings and efficient operation beyond the reach of most building owners and operators.

Putting energy savings within reach

Professional Energy Management services from 360 Energy Engineers allow small- and mid-sized building operators to attain all the benefits of improving building operation and efficiency without the prohibitive cost of gambling on a full-time energy manager. Effective professional energy management provides an immediate and positive impact to your budget, cash flow, or profits.

The highly skilled and experienced team of Certified Energy Managers, LEED Accredited Professionals and Professional Engineers from 360 Energy Engineers actively manages the operation of your buildings’ energy-consuming systems to ensure the reduction of utility consumption – and energy bills. Among the numerous services we provide during the course of our professional energy management services are:

  • Immediate positive impact to your budget, cash flow, or profits
  • Years of experience in guaranteed energy savings projects
  • Professional Engineers to identify and address flaws in your buildings’ systems’ operation
  • Certified Energy Managers and LEED APs and Engineers to manage the maximization of your savings
  • Compensation tied to the successful achievement of energy savings
  • 360 Energy Engineers pays cost of energy conservation measures
  • Eliminates all risk to you and your budget
  • Fair and transparent verification of energy savings

Beyond building scheduling

There are countless companies fighting to get paid to tell you to shut off your lights. But Professional Energy Management with 360 Energy Engineers goes far beyond the coordination of building schedules. By combining our expertise in energy conservation with our superior engineering capabilities and ceaseless commitment to our clients’ needs, we offer more than any company in the industry when it comes to effectively managing the operation of your buildings’ energy-consuming systems.

By giving responsibility for energy management to the team at 360 Energy Engineers, you improve building operation, save energy, reduce utility and operating costs, while freeing up your staff to focus on the jobs they are paid to do. Following are some of the services our team provides to effectively manage your buildings’ energy consumption:

  • Dedicated team of experienced energy professionals to reduce your buildings’ operation and utility costs
  • Single source of accountability throughout project duration
  • Detailed energy analysis and building modeling
  • Customized solutions to building deficiencies
  • Targeted education of facility managers and occupants
  • On-site system modifications
  • Continuous commissioning of energy-consuming systems
  • Utilize, expand, optimize, commission or implement building automation controls
  • Savings maximization and verification
  • Recommendation of additional measures aimed at the further reduction of utility costs