Superior Engineering

about us

The innovative and meticulous design efforts of our experienced team of engineers leave nothing about your project to chance. Our team's engineering approach, which is characterized by innovative solutions, customized strategies, and careful analysis and design, is meant to provide you with solutions to your energy and facility needs that far surpass those from any other company. Not only does our team commit the time and attention to provide you with quality observation, analysis, engineering and design, we are able to do so at a price and value superior to those of any other company in the industry.

Innovative solutions

360 Energy Engineers does not believe in cookie-cutter solutions. While many traditional engineering firms and performance contracting companies find it easier and more profitable to replicate previous solutions time after time, we are adamant that finding the right solution requires client-specific research, deliberation, and design. By working closely with your leadership to identify problems, priorities, concerns and objectives, we are able to tailor solutions that best fit your financial and facility goals. We combine our experience and track record of effectively identifying optimal solutions in the geographic areas and types of facilities we serve with the understanding we gain of your facilities and priorities to develop a custom solution and approach that will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each solution incorporated in your facilities.

Meticulous analysis and planning

Innovative designs and customized solutions create an opportunity for your project to be successful, but the detailed analysis and planning that goes into our solutions ensure that success. Our team completes its energy analysis and project design and review in-house, refusing to leave the success of your project in the hands of unconcerned third parties. Our in-house engineering team commits the time, effort, and expertise necessary to properly design every facet of your customized solution.

Once the project is designed, they remain heavily involved in the construction management process, guaranteeing that the intent and particulars of their design are properly installed, preventing contractors from omitting, neglecting, or modifying essential components of their original design. Through this constant and focused attention to detail, we deliver on the promise of our customized solutions and innovative designs – providing you a project of incomparable value.