Client commitment

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Our firm commitment to meeting the needs of our clients not only leads to better projects, it leads to projects at lower costs. We spend the time to educate each client on our innovative process, to listen and collaborate at each step along the way, and to work tirelessly to ensure each client’s ultimate satisfaction. By working closely with and valuing the input of every client, we are able to deliver a higher-quality project that more effectively satisfies their needs – and to do so at a price that is superior to that of traditional energy services and performance contracting firms.

Client-driven approach

Our unwavering attention to the needs of our client not only leads to better projects, it leads to projects at lower costs. By listening to specific requirements and priorities, we eliminate the need for unnecessary or redundant design efforts, thereby maintaining competitive development costs and bypassing undesirable project components. Our effort to fully explain each project component – as well as to maintain an ongoing dialog regarding the costs and benefits of each component – means no additional scope is included that does not fall within the budgetary and facility priorities of our clients. The net result of our constant attention to client objectives is lower total costs to deliver higher-quality projects to each customer.

Educational foundation

The foundation of every project with 360 Energy Engineers is education. This is a two-way education: 360 Energy Engineers learns from the years of knowledge each client has acquired about their facilities, budgets, and priorities. Clients, in turn, receive ongoing and objective education on both the benefits and drawbacks of various construction, energy savings, and financing methodologies. This education is customized to each client, tailored to address the specifics of each situation, including the differentiation of various building systems, necessity of potential facility improvements, consideration of measurement and verification methodologies, and other issues that require guidance.

By working diligently to provide thorough education about such a wide variety of relevant topics to each client, 360 Energy Engineers maximizes the satisfaction of each client. We are up-front about the costs, benefits and value of every potential solution and component, helping you to reach an informed and appropriate decision about how best to address your energy and facility needs.

Collaborative approach

Ongoing open and honest communication is another pillar of our approach to providing superior energy and facility solutions to our clients. During frequent face-to-face meetings, our team listens closely to the unique facility priorities, financial problems, concerns, future plans, potential limitations, and priorities of each client. By maintaining this involvement throughout each step of our process – from conceptual design to bid selection to financing procurement – we ensure that each project aligns perfectly with the goals and priorities of our clients.

This collaborative approach does more than make certain that clients get the best project for their facilities. It also minimizes wasted time and resources, thereby providing that superior solution at a superior price. Frequent discussions with clients keep our staff abreast of evolving concerns and issues, allowing us to develop solutions that help clients better serve their own customers – whether that means students, patients, employees, tenants or some other constituency.

Customized solutions

Each of our potential energy solutions is tailor-engineered to the unique challenges and priorities of our clients. Because no two buildings or budgets are exactly alike, no two solutions should be identical. Through our collaborative approach, we identify the root causes of problems, priorities, and concerns of each client. Our qualified and creative engineering team then considers a variety of potential solutions to best address those problems, priorities and concerns. Working with your leadership, we identify, design, implement and maximize the performance of the ideal solution for your specific situation.

Dedication to client satisfaction

360 Energy Engineers is devoted to following through on each of its commitments and promises to ensure the complete satisfaction of each of our clients. It is our goal to be your long-term adviser on energy and facility issues, to ensure the long-term efficient and effective operation of your facilities. We demonstrate this commitment to your satisfaction from our first visit; more importantly, though, we follow through on each of our promises, working tirelessly to provide a solution that exceeds your expectations.