Incomparable Value

about us

360 Energy Engineers’ structure and approach allow us to deliver our unmatched commitment and superior engineering at a lower price than traditional performance contractors. Most importantly, we are able to deliver this better price without making the sacrifices to engineering, construction, support and overall quality that are routine in the traditional performance contracting industry. To prove our superior value, every component of the cost of our solutions is laid out simply for our clients to understand prior to implementing a project.

Fair and transparent pricing

360 Energy Engineers has nothing to hide. We embrace a pricing approach that honestly and fairly conveys the costs of every part of your project. This ensures that more than the improvements to your buildings are effective – they are cost effective as well. Not only does 360 Energy Engineers deliver an unequalled commitment to our clients and superior engineering, we are able to do so at costs to our clients that are consistently below those of traditional performance contracting companies.

A project with 360 Energy Engineers shows you exactly where your money is going: further. Customer-specific solutions, superior engineering, and fair and transparent pricing combine to ensure the unmatched value of your project with 360 Energy Engineers. This transparency extends to all parts of your project, allowing you the chance to be involved in each decision that impacts the cost of your project, including system selection, major design plans, contractor and bid selection, and financing evaluation.

Lower risk. Lower cost.

Comprehensive and competent design and implementation not only create a high quality project, they create a smaller project price tag. In traditional performance contracting projects, clients pay significant premiums to fund the exorbitant risk for the performance contractor and its subcontractors. This risk results from the limited clarity and detail provided before the performance contractor commits to a guaranteed price. Establishing pricing on conceptual designs and estimates results in both the performance contractor and subcontractors hedging prices with hefty risk premiums.

Our approach is to eliminate the extra risks – and extra costs – by utilizing thorough engineering and design practices. By completing detailed and reliable system designs, construction management strategies, and measurement and verification plans, we are able to provide guaranteed fixed prices that easily surpass the value of those given by traditional performance contracting companies. The use of competitive bids from contractors and financiers only increases the additional value of a project with 360 Energy Engineers.

Independent company structure

The efficient and effective organization of 360 Energy Engineers is another way we are able to provide you a greater value in your projects. As an intentionally smaller, independent company with less stringent profit demands, our team is able to make their primary focus the satisfaction of our clients rather than short-term profits. Our independence allows us to always identify and select the best products, contractors, vendors, financiers and solutions for your situation. In addition, by eliminating the need for superfluous personnel and programs, you pay only for the people and processes that create a high quality, customized solution to your energy needs.