Measurement & Verification

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Clients across the country warily enter into performance contracts with their selected energy services company, acutely aware that they are turning over responsibility for the substantiation of “guaranteed” energy and maintenance savings to the same company that stands to suffer the most if those savings do not materialize. Traditional energy services companies have every incentive to inflate claims of savings, stipulate excessive operational savings, and make operating assumptions to their benefit – limiting or eliminating the checks they write to you to make good on their guarantees.

Accurate and objective savings tracking

With independent measurement and verification services from 360 Energy Engineers, you will no longer be at the mercy of any energy services company. Instead, you can enlist the aid of a knowledgeable, unaffiliated energy services company to provide an accurate and unbiased review of savings methodologies, as well as to perform independent measurement and verification of all guaranteed savings.

Our expertise in energy engineering, mechanical system design, and the financial intricacies of performance contracting projects allow our team to provide vital, unbiased substantiation of all energy savings projections and guarantees presented by your energy services partner.

Beyond a rubber stamp

The independent measurement and verification solution provided by 360 Energy Engineers goes beyond the standard energy savings rubber stamp. By combining our expertise in energy engineering with our superior engineering capabilities, ceaseless commitment to our clients’ needs with independent savings analysis, we offer more than any company in the industry when it comes to effectively measuring and verifying the performance of your buildings' energy-related improvements.

The team at 360 Energy Engineers works tirelessly to fulfill the needs of our clients through a variety of customized solutions founded on quality engineering and analysis. Following are just a few of the solutions our team provides to ensure the fair and accurate measurement of all energy savings you accrue as part of your performance contracting project:

  • Conduct independent review of calculations and assumptions that affect savings accuracy
  • Assess veracity of stipulated maintenance, operational, or energy savings
  • Develop accurate energy consumption baseline
  • Complete unbiased tracking of utility expenditures
  • Review and normalize utility use for weather variations
  • Complete accurate comparisons to verify level of savings achieved