High Performance Mechanical Design

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For years, engineers have been hired to specify safe, adequate equipment to condition building spaces. For just as many years, building operators and occupants have dealt with the fallout from poor design: improperly sized equipment, rampant comfort problems, maintenance headaches, and staggering utility costs.

Customized solutions to save you money for years

Building owners and operators now have an alternative to overpaying for an engineer to re-stamp the specifications they used on their previous 20 projects. High performance mechanical design from 360 Energy Engineers provides you with customized, well-engineered designs for system upgrades that will be cost effective, both in terms of initial cost and long-term operating costs. By evaluating the potential comfort and energy performance of a wide range of alternatives for your specific buildings, our team makes certain that every time you get the right system, at the right total cost.

Our expertise in mechanical system design and energy engineering will allow our team to develop systems that take into account the total life-cycle cost of upgrades – while still ensuring a top-notch and cost effective initial installation – better than any other company in our industry.

Beyond system design

High performance mechanical design with 360 Energy Engineers goes beyond standard system design. By combining our expertise in energy conservation with our superior engineering capabilities and ceaseless commitment to our clients’ needs, we offer more than any company in the industry when it comes to effectively designing each of your buildings’ energy-consuming systems.

Our team completes personalized, detailed building simulations, long-term life-cycle cost analysis, and meticulous design to ensure the delivery of the best systems and equipment to make your buildings comfortable and efficient. Following are just a few of the methods embraced by our team to ensure you receive the ideal system, at the ideal total system cost, for your buildings:

  • Utilization of qualified, experienced design professionals to create systems tailored to your situation
  • Detailed modeling of existing and future systems
  • Development of accurate building loads to optimize equipment sizing and long-term cost effectiveness
  • Joint selection of systems and equipment to meet budget and efficiency goals
  • Identification and implementation of ideal system operating strategies