Getting Started

about us

360 Energy Engineers combines superior engineering, fair and transparent pricing, and client-specific solutions to ensure the best resolution to our their facility and energy dilemmas. Because each of our clients’ situations is unique, we approach each new opportunity with an open mind and a wide array of solutions at our disposal. Only after a series of collaborative discussions aimed at gaining a complete understanding of each client’s needs, priorities, concerns and limitations do we attempt to recommend a specific solution. The three discovery steps in developing a customized solution for our clients are:

Performance Assessment

This no-cost study uses a snapshot of your utility consumption, system operation, and informal information gathering to determine whether a customized energy solution would potentially benefit your situation.

Collaborative Workshop

This discussion allows all members of your administration to shape your energy project by providing insights into specific challenges, objectives, concerns and desires while gaining a thorough overview of potential solutions. Our team takes the time to educate your leadership regarding the innovative process that allows 360 Energy Engineers to deliver you an unparalleled value.

Recommendation Analysis

After gaining the input and insights of key personnel and administration, our team works to recommend a customized approach that will deliver the greatest benefit for your entity.