Guaranteed Engineered Savings Projects

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Tight budgets, rising utility costs, long lists of facility and equipment problems, and limited personnel to address the mounting obstacles leave many business owners, operators, and finance managers searching for creative solutions. Many seek advice from contractors or traditional engineering companies. These groups suggest customary approaches for addressing facility problems – approaches that led to the current escalating problems and fail to provide financial flexibility.

Other building owners, operators and finance managers turn to traditional energy performance contracting. Done properly, this approach could address each concern by improving facilities while cutting energy costs and freeing up staff and funds for other projects. Performance contracts, however, are rarely done properly – often leaving building administrators with overpriced (but poorly designed) improvements and a fraction of the anticipated savings.

The sensible solution

Guaranteed engineered savings projects from 360 Energy Engineers are the perfect alternative to standard construction approaches and performance contracting. Our team of Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, and LEED Accredited Professionals works closely with your organization to pinpoint your priorities, concerns, goals and opportunities. Using this information, our engineers identify innovative, cost-effective solutions that are customized to solve your facility problems while maximizing energy savings and easing the burden on your budget and staff.

Our team then expertly manages the implementation of each improvement, ensuring the proper installation and performance. Finally, we follow through on our commitments by providing ongoing maximization and verification of your guaranteed savings. Using our innovative process with superior engineering, we are able to deliver a better, more comprehensive project at a superior cost to traditional performance contracting.

Each building and each budget is different. Specific building and budget problems, therefore, require unique solutions. By completing comprehensive analysis and models of your building systems, our team of skilled Professional Engineers is able to identify the cause of your facility and energy problems rather than treating the symptoms. Among the potential problems our team considers when developing a solution to fit your buildings needs are:

  • Failing heating and cooling equipment
  • Drafty windows
  • Leaky roofs
  • Poor lighting quality
  • Building comfort problems
  • Inflexible budgets

Beyond performance contracting

Performance contracting created an approach that provided financial flexibility and turn-key management. It also created an approach with sub-par engineering, distorted priorities, and concealed but exorbitant pricing.

The superior engineering capabilities, ceaseless commitment to your needs, and transparent pricing, of 360 Energy Engineers raises the bar beyond what traditional performance contracts are able to deliver. Our team works tirelessly to fulfill your through a variety of customized, engineering-centered services. Among the numerous services we provide during the course of a guaranteed energy savings project are:

  • Single source of accountability throughout project duration
  • Comprehensive projects addressing interactive building systems
  • Detailed energy analysis and building modeling
  • Customized solutions to building deficiencies
  • Guidance in obtaining project financing
  • Coordinated construction management
  • Professional commissioning of energy-consuming systems
  • Savings maximization and verification