Energy Consulting

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Energy costs continue their rapid and inevitable rise. Taxpayers maintain their deafening concerns about the efficient use of their tax dollars. Government and private groups alike push harder to request or require environmental responsibility. Utility companies provide more flexible rates that demand thorough understanding of utility consumption and costs. Marketers and salesmen provide a myriad of “miracle solutions.” And the funds available to satisfy each of these parties grow ever more limited.

Answers to all of your energy questions

Regardless of the specific situation you face, 360 Energy Engineers has the unique combination of experience in building energy systems, expertise in identifying and evaluating alternative solutions, and knowledge of the intricacies of financial details to guide you to an informed, successful decision that will impact your buildings for decades to come.

Beyond products

360 Energy Engineers is not affiliated with any specific product, brand, or other entity. As an independent, engineering-based energy services company, 360 Energy Engineers is able to provide knowledgeable, objective advice about how to best address each of your energy needs. Building owners have the opportunity to take advantage of these consulting solutions independently, or in unison with their other design professional.

Building owners increasingly demand detailed building models be completed to adequately evaluate the long-term operating cost implications of each system. Few design professionals possess the in-house capabilities of conducting the theoretical building modeling required to complete such an analysis. 360 Energy Engineers completes all building modeling required to assist owners or design professionals in assessing the life-cycle cost implications of various systems under consideration.

Whether you need our team to assist your architects or other design professional to specify energy efficient building components, evaluate renewable energy opportunities, weigh the benefits of potential energy rate changes, critique miracle products, or assess your environmental impact, 360 Energy Engineers has the experience and expertise to ensure that you make informed and intelligent decisions about your energy and financial future.