Colleges & Universities

We work to address deferred maintenance, environmental responsibility, and limited funds by developing individualized building systems that stretch capital budgets through guaranteed savings and alternative financing.

K-12 Education

Our team understands the tight budgets and pressure to maintain student services facing K-12 school districts. Our projects provide alternative funding sources, reduced operating costs, and infusions of cash into budgets.


360 Energy Engineers provides solutions that address the rigorous comfort requirements and desire to expand patient services while improving facilities, your patients' satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Religious Institutions

We assist church leaders struggling to balance ministerial offerings with budget restrictions. Customized solutions with guaranteed savings immediately provide additional funds to accomplish ministry goals.

County Governement

Our team tailors solutions for courthouses and other older buildings at the center of the local community. Immediate and impactful updates are made possible through the expert design of our guaranteed engineered savings projects.

City Government

We help cities overcome limited budget flexibility and demand for public services. Facility upgrades and guaranteed energy savings are attractive options over increasing taxes or eliminating services.

Commercial Properties

While revenue creation is vital, cost control is every bit as essential. Our team provides creative solutions and superior engineering to help improves the profitability of commercial building owners without a sale.

Industrial & Manufacturing

With large buildings and complex processes, energy costs are a deterrent to increased profitability. 360 Energy Engineers helps unravel those processes, creating designs that save energy and improve bottom lines.

Design Professionals

The innovatively engineered, custom-designed, and cost-effective solutions offered by 360 Energy Engineers make us an ideal partner for satisfying demanding building owners.