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Faced with shrinking budgets and expectations of community services, many county commissions are seeking creative approaches to stretch their budgets a little further. The financial flexibility created by the innovatively engineered, custom-designed, and cost-effective solutions offered by 360 Energy Engineers can make achieving your priorities possible, even in a difficult economic climate.

Superior value

360 Energy Engineers has nothing to hide. By embracing a fair and transparent approach to pricing, we ensure that more than the improvements to your buildings are effective – they are cost effective as well. Not only does 360 Energy Engineers deliver an unequalled commitment to our clients and superior engineering, we are able to do so at costs to our clients that are consistently below those of traditional performance contracting companies.

A project with 360 Energy Engineers shows you exactly where your money is going: further. Customer-specific solutions, superior engineering, and fair and transparent pricing combine to ensure the unmatched value of your project with 360 Energy Engineers.

Customized solutions

Traditional engineering firms and energy services companies have found it easier and more profitable to simply categorize all counties as having the same problems in need of the same solutions – solutions that can merely be replicated time after time. 360 Energy Engineers recognizes that each county faces unique challenges, both to their buildings and to their budgets. As a result, we work diligently to develop customized solutions to the distinctive obstacles of each county.

From the outset, a project with 360 Energy Engineers is a collaborative effort. Our team of highly qualified Professional Engineers and energy professionals does not simply dictate solutions; instead, our team values the insights, recommendations, and questions of all members of your commission and administration. Our analysis and development process is characterized by ongoing dialog, allowing you constant opportunities to have a voice in the development of your project. Combining this client-focused approach with our extensive engineering expertise ensures the project we work together to develop delivers the maximum value to your county.

Innovative engineering

The success of your county’s energy conservation or facility improvement project hinges on the creativity, accuracy, and effectiveness of the engineering effort that creates it. At 360 Energy Engineers, we have a team of experienced Professional Engineers with the expertise to develop the high-quality project your county requires, the freedom to identify the optimal approaches, and the knack for detail that ensures the successful resolution of all of your building or budget problems.

Our team takes a holistic approach to addressing your buildings’ problems, allowing us to identify the root cause of problems rather than cobbling together remedies that never get at the core of the concern. Through systematic building observations, consideration of client insights, and detailed building system modeling, we ensure efficient and accurate identification of your buildings’ true problems and their ideal solutions. Furthermore, as an independent engineering company, our team is free to utilize the solution that best meets your needs, with no commitment to a particular system, manufacturer, vendor, or contractor.

Evaluating your situation

Is one of our many customized energy-efficiency improvements a good fit for your county? Maybe. Most counties benefit from some of the solutions we provide, either through replacing older, maintenance-intensive equipment; effectively managing the operation of the equipment in your buildings; or one of our other individually tailored energy solutions. If, however, the benefits would not be sufficient to justify such improvements, our team will notify your administration of this fact at no cost to you. If opportunities do exist to significantly benefit your county, we will work closely with your commission and administration to develop a solution that most effectively addresses all of those needs.

To meet with a representative of 360 Energy Engineers to begin determining whether your county could benefit from a project focused on improving your building’s energy performance, email us at