About Us

about us


We have an unwavering commitment to offer our clients substantially greater value in their energy efficiency projects by exemplifying three vital characteristics not available from any standard engineering firm or traditional performance contracting company. By focusing on our clients' priorities and needs, providing superior engineering, and proudly demonstrating the true costs of our projects, our solutions offer unparalleled value.


Every member of 360 Energy Engineers' team is an unparalleled resource of dedicated knowledge. With a staff comprised of Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers and LEED Accredited Professionals, we have vast experience in developing, installing and supporting the customized solutions your buildings require. The 360 Energy Engineers team has coordinated the design, development, implementation, management, and support of over $100 million in successful energy projects throughout the Midwest.


360 Energy Engineers combines superior engineering, fair and transparent pricing, and client-specific solutions to ensure the best resolution to our clients’ facility and energy dilemmas. Because each of our clients’ situations is unique, we approach each new client with an open mind and a wide array of solutions at our disposal. Only after a series of collaborative discussions aimed at gaining a complete understanding of each client’s needs, priorities, concerns and limitations do we attempt to recommend a specific solution.